What we Do

How We Operate

Finding And Funding

We find and identify big, present-day societal issues that negatively impact members of our community. For those issues that we can’t yet directly help solve, we create and promote fundraisers that support those non-profit organizations/institutions who do directly help. Many of our fundraisers subsidize groups who are in desperate need of funding to continue their essential operations.

Contributing Resources

We consistently conduct community drives for essential resources such as food, clothing, school supplies/educational materials, etc. For the large majority of situations, donating illiquid assets is the most beneficial assistance. Thus, we collect these types of resources from community donations and deliver them to those in need.

Building Networks

We actively engage in networking with other community service organizations and initiatives, township officials, and community leaders to conduct larger-scale service projects. We believe that our work becomes more effective with a larger team, so we build partnerships to execute collaborative volunteer events.

Providing Direct Care

We hold in-person, hands-on events where volunteers can physically carry out community service. These events may include environmental conservation projects, working in soup kitchens, or assisting nursing homes and homeless shelters. Directly helping those in need is something we highly value here at the LYOHS.

Educating/Raising Awareness

To maximize the magnitude of our human service efforts, we first lay the groundwork by educating the community on the importance of supporting the causes we fight for. Many societal issues go disregarded by the public. We change that by raising awareness for these problems and convincing others to help address them.

Empowering Youth

For every single one of our projects, we prioritize involvement of local youth involved in them. This is to uphold our philosophy that even children and teenagers can make a difference in the community. We directly reach out to youths and make efforts to inspire them to support and volunteer for our events. By motivating these members of our community to help out, human service initiatives will only strengthen.

Our Values

The Environment

Climate change, pollution, and environmental destruction are extremely urgent issues that affect everyone around the world. We do our part as global citizens by executive environmental conservation projects.

Children's K-12 Education

Many children in our community do not have the adequate resources necessary for attaining a comprehensive, K-12 education. We address that by holding fundraisers and school supply drives that provide these children with learning resources. 

Social Equality

Acts of social injustice, such as racist hate crimes, ethnical discrimination, and police brutality are intolerable offenses against humanity. We make a difference by educating our community on these issues and fundraising for initiatives that create social change. 

COVID-19 Hospital Workers and Patients

The Coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc on our society, and it has made life especially painful for frontline hospital workers and patients with the disease. We help these people through fundraising for hospitals and providing them with essential resources. 

Elderly Citizens

Elderly citizens are the members of our community who often require the most care because they are unable to completely care for themselves. Their health is in the most fragile state, making them most vulnerable to disease. We support older adults by fundraising for eldercare programs and assisting nursing homes. 

The Famished

Starvation and malnutrition continues to be one of our society's most pressing issues. Even in our local community, thousands don't have enough to eat. We provide these people with food by fundraising for food banks, assisting soup kitchens, and holding community food drives.